Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disappearing Libraries and Book Stores

Lately funding for libraries has been drastically cut throughout the United States. I worry that the free books and the libraries will disappear. Without free books, only the well-to-do will have access to knowledge. That's a scary thing.

It started with the kindle. Somehow they convinced people to buy an electronic device to read digital books. I admit there is place for such as a device, like downloading several books on one unit to read on vacation, rather then schlepping around a bunch of books. But for me, I'm not interested in purchasing every book I read, so the library is sacrosanct to me.

What do you think? Do you care if the library ceases to exist?

Disgusted With Dishonest Web Hosting Companies

Over a year ago, I decided to get my own website with my own domain name. How difficult could it be? Getting the website was easy, renewing it automatically was a nightmare. The dishonest billing and crappy technical support disgusted me so much, I gave up my website and vowed never to do it again.

Do you have your own web hosting horror stories? I want to hear about it. And I want to do something about these web hosting companies.

Here is the gist of my story. I asked a local business person who she used for a web host for her company website and asked if she was happy with them. She said she was happy with them and gave me the name of the company.

Great I thought, after doing due diligence. What could go wrong? I went to the website and noticed a more inexpensive price than my source was paying per month. They were paying $12.00/month and I would get my hosting for about $55.00 for a whole year due to a special offer. Sounded good to me.

I chose my domain name, entered my credit card information, and I was on my way to building my website. Things went well until it was time to renew. The small print stated I had to renew so many days before the expiration date. Without getting into all the details, I noticed the automatic renewal would be much higher per month than what I was paying, so I unchecked automatic renewal, called customer service, and was assured I could get the same price, if I just chose the manual payment.

To make a long story short, they charged me twice for the same thing and charged the higher fee. Email customer support was like talking to someone on drugs. They never responded to my specific question. That would result in my need to send another "ticket" and then having to wait again for a response, hoping I could finally resolve the matter. The next response from customer service would not even address the topic I was writing about. It went on and on. Ticket after ticket. Unable to resolve the double billing and overcharge. Finally they held my domain name hostage so I could not transfer it to another web host. I told them to cancel my hosting plan when my renewal date came. They canceled it immediately and would not give me access to my domain name. I was all paid up for 2 more weeks, and they just deleted my website and refused access to my domain name.

I'll provide some of the letters in the web host name. You figure out the rest. I-P-W-R.

Tell me your own web host horror stories. Or tell me if you have a great web host and why.
Wild Pondering is back with new blogs and new ideas. I pose questions. You supplies answers and comments. It doesn't get any easier than that.

What I'm pondering today. How do I buy a domain name and configure it so it can be hosted for free by Blogger. Does anyone know the answer? Please reply.

Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Be A Bad Parent And Ruin Your Kid's Life

So you' ve chosen to smoke and you have children. Nice job. Expose them to second hand smoke. Maybe they'll end up with asthma. Way to go. Stick out your chest with pride. What a parent.

Oh yeah, and by the way. When you get emphysema or lung cancer and you die young, your kids are going to miss you. All because you decided to smoke. They'll miss you and the great example you set for them while you were alive.Maybe your sister or some relative will take them in and raise them for you. That is since you chose to expose yourself to harmful substances until you literally killed yourself. Great example for your kids. Keep smoking.

Oh I forgot about that. You've tried but you say you can't quit. Oh I see. I understand. You've chosen drugs over your children's well-being. Nice job of parenting. Oh, you think I'm being too hard on you? Sorry about that. I just thought you'd want to be around so you could see your children graduate from high school, get married, and see your precious grandchildren. But nope. You can't quit so keep on smoking. Keep gasping for air and hacking. Just keep telling yourself those symptoms are because you have allergies to your cat or some other nonsense you've concocted to stay in denial. Light up another cancer stick. Keep smoking and hacking.

Teach your children to get addicted to drugs such as nicotine. Maybe they'll get addicted to cocaine or other additive drugs too you've set such a great example. Maybe your children will get addicted to alcohol. And if they do, they can follow your example and just say, "I've tried to quit, but I just can't. I guess I'm just like my parents. I couldn't help getting addicted and now that I am and addict, I guess I'll just keep smoking until it kills me. I'll probably get COPD and literally drown in my own lungs they'll be so compromised. It will be a job just to take a breath, to walk up the stairs, never feeling very well. Way to go. Keep smoking and setting such a wonderful example for your children. You should be mighty proud.

Hook another generation on cigarettes. Teach them they can't kick the habit too so they'll end up just like you. What I see is a really bad parent who doesn't give a hoot about his/her children. Your addiction wins every time. Your kids lose every time. But you say you love them. Oh yeah. I forgot that little blurb. As your kid's breathe in your smoke, give them a big kiss and tell them how much you love them.

Oh I forgot. That's right. You're the parent that goes outside to smoke. You don't smoke around your kids. You must think your are a superior parent now. You smoke outside not around the kids. Not like the really bad parents who smoke with their kids in the car or the same room breathing in their parent's toxic smoke. That's great. So you go outside to pollute your own body and lungs. So when your kids get older and do the same thing, just wave to them from the living room window. Say, "Hi Johnny, what a good boy. You went outside to pollute your own lungs. I am so proud of you. "I am one darn good parent. I'm so proud of how I raised you. And by the way, please set the same example for my grandchildren too.:Thanks so much."

You are one damn good parent. Congratulations!

I hope you are mad enough at me, so that you'll finally quit. Please love your children more than your addiction. Good luck!
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gardening/Starting Plants Indoor from Seed

Photo of Seed Tray Used for Starting My Seeds:

Try Brandywine Heirloom
Tomatoes. Sweet and Delicious!

1. Seeds: Where to Buy Them

You can buy seeds at your local garden center or you can buy them online at such places as Burpee or Park Seed. Even Walmart sells seeds.

It's easy to get carried away with all the possible selections for seeds . Some women love to buy clothes, but my passion is buying seeds. It's so hard for me to choose. Gardening is such a passion of mine it's hard to limit myself.
So before you get overwhelmed with the selection of different seeds like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and flowers in a dizzying array of colors and varieties, make a list of what you really will eat and the amount of money you want to spend. What are your real preferences? Be sensible.

After you've made a list of your choices, you must consider the actual space you have in your yard. If you only have room for a small garden, limit yourself to just a few plants you really enjoy. Read the instructions on the package. Remember, plants grow so they will need to have ample space in between.

2. Growing containers. I start my seeds indoors in those black plastic trays with the clear plastic lids. They provide a nurturing growing environment for newly-planted seeds. Walmart and Home Depot Garden Centers sell them. If you are careful, you can wash and reuse the seed tray and compartments to use again next year, which saves money.

3. Soil: Only use sterilized potting soil.

4. Fill each cube with potting soil and push one or two seeds into the soil and water. Not too much or too little. You never want to drown the seed or plant as it will rot the roots and it will die. Check the soil each day. If it is dry, then water it a little. If it still feels wet, don't water. In my opinion, over-watering is worse than underwatering.

Multi-Colored Sunflowers I started from seed.

When they grew too big for the seed tray container, I transplanted them into an empty water gallon jug.

5. Transplanting: Like all GROWING things, the plants get too big for their own britches! Your hardy plants will need to be transplanted into bigger pots. This could get very expensive if you went out and bought a bigger pot for each plant. So I wash out old water gallon and milk gallon containers. I just carefully cut off the top portion where the cap and the handles are. Then I fill them with sterile potting soil.

To transplant: Carefully take a small spoon and wiggle it around the entire perimeter of the cube of the seed tray for the plant you wish to transplant. Make sure to get out the entire square of dirt with all its roots from your original plant container. Then dig a small hole to accommodate in the potting soil in your water gallon or other container. Be certain to provide enough depth for the roots of your plant. Then place your plant in the hole, fill around it will potting soil and water it. Usually I plant more than one transplant in the water bottle because it has a lot of room. Plant only the same varieties together. In other words, plant all pansies in one water gallon jug. All tomatoes in another.

Heirloom Brandywine Tomatoes started from seed and then transplanted into water jug

Cucumbers started from seed and transplanted into water jugs

Some of the other seeds I have started are:

Brussel Sprouts, Lavender (beautiful smell when you rub the leaves), Basil, Greek Oregano, Dill, Cosmos, flower, Pansies, Romaine, and Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots, Arugula, Jalepeno Peppers, and Bell peppers in a variety of colors.

I hope you enjoy gardening as much as I do. Please email me with any questions at

copyright 4/1/08