Friday, August 28, 2009

How To Be A Bad Parent And Ruin Your Kid's Life

So you' ve chosen to smoke and you have children. Nice job. Expose them to second hand smoke. Maybe they'll end up with asthma. Way to go. Stick out your chest with pride. What a parent.

Oh yeah, and by the way. When you get emphysema or lung cancer and you die young, your kids are going to miss you. All because you decided to smoke. They'll miss you and the great example you set for them while you were alive.Maybe your sister or some relative will take them in and raise them for you. That is since you chose to expose yourself to harmful substances until you literally killed yourself. Great example for your kids. Keep smoking.

Oh I forgot about that. You've tried but you say you can't quit. Oh I see. I understand. You've chosen drugs over your children's well-being. Nice job of parenting. Oh, you think I'm being too hard on you? Sorry about that. I just thought you'd want to be around so you could see your children graduate from high school, get married, and see your precious grandchildren. But nope. You can't quit so keep on smoking. Keep gasping for air and hacking. Just keep telling yourself those symptoms are because you have allergies to your cat or some other nonsense you've concocted to stay in denial. Light up another cancer stick. Keep smoking and hacking.

Teach your children to get addicted to drugs such as nicotine. Maybe they'll get addicted to cocaine or other additive drugs too you've set such a great example. Maybe your children will get addicted to alcohol. And if they do, they can follow your example and just say, "I've tried to quit, but I just can't. I guess I'm just like my parents. I couldn't help getting addicted and now that I am and addict, I guess I'll just keep smoking until it kills me. I'll probably get COPD and literally drown in my own lungs they'll be so compromised. It will be a job just to take a breath, to walk up the stairs, never feeling very well. Way to go. Keep smoking and setting such a wonderful example for your children. You should be mighty proud.

Hook another generation on cigarettes. Teach them they can't kick the habit too so they'll end up just like you. What I see is a really bad parent who doesn't give a hoot about his/her children. Your addiction wins every time. Your kids lose every time. But you say you love them. Oh yeah. I forgot that little blurb. As your kid's breathe in your smoke, give them a big kiss and tell them how much you love them.

Oh I forgot. That's right. You're the parent that goes outside to smoke. You don't smoke around your kids. You must think your are a superior parent now. You smoke outside not around the kids. Not like the really bad parents who smoke with their kids in the car or the same room breathing in their parent's toxic smoke. That's great. So you go outside to pollute your own body and lungs. So when your kids get older and do the same thing, just wave to them from the living room window. Say, "Hi Johnny, what a good boy. You went outside to pollute your own lungs. I am so proud of you. "I am one darn good parent. I'm so proud of how I raised you. And by the way, please set the same example for my grandchildren too.:Thanks so much."

You are one damn good parent. Congratulations!

I hope you are mad enough at me, so that you'll finally quit. Please love your children more than your addiction. Good luck!
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